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Berlin- Germany
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In the variety of lips, and this night the upside down kiss over the back of the chair with her dark eyes heavy hanging and her blushing cheeks full of sweet blood and sudden tenderness brooding like a hawk over the boy over the back, holding the chair on both sides, just and instant, the startling sudden sweet fall of her hair over my face and the soft downward brush of her lips, a moment’s penetration of sweet lip flesh, a moment’s drowned in thinking and kissing in it and praying and hoping and in the mouth of life when life is young to burn cool skin eye-blinking joy—-I held her captured upside down, also for just a second and savored the kiss which first had surprised me like blind man’s bluff so i didn’t know really who was kissing me for the very first instant but now i knew and knew everything more than ever, as, grace-wise, she descended to me from the upper dark where i’d thought only cold could be and with all her heavy lips and breast in my neck and on my head and sudden fragrance of the night brought with her from the porch, of some 5 & 10 cheap perfumes of herself the little hungry scent of perspiration warm in her flesh like preciousness.
- Jack Kerouac, ‘Maggie Cassidy’  (via tilthe, swanfucker)
She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.
- Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell  (via tilthe)

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